Gear Oil

Gear Oil

Moto Speed Gear oil is high-performance gear oil that has excellent performance and load carrying ability, as well as providing rust and corrosion protection to transmission components. This grade not only has
outstanding low-temperature fluidity, eliminating cold start gear selection problems but can also cope with highly stressed gearboxes running at high temperatures.


  • Thermal Protection: Provides outstanding thermal stability for cleanliness and longer service life.
  • Wear Protection: Contains additives to assist in protecting gear teeth against pitting, spalling, and scouring.
  • Reduces Chattering: Contains special additives to reduce chattering in limited-slip differentials.
  • Corrosion Protection: Protects parts from rust and corrosion.

SAE Grade


Packings available

1 Ltr. 5 Ltr. 20 Ltr.
90 GL 4 GL 4/GL 5
140 GL 4 SN
80W90 GL5 SM
85W140 GL5 SM