Air Compressor Oil – Synthetic

Air Compressor Oil – Synthetic

Moto Speed SYNTHETIC Air Compressor Oil is a fully synthetic, superior quality air compressor lubricant for extended oil drain interval with discharge temperatures of up to 200°C for stationary and mobile applications. It is very effective in screw type
compressors with oil injection cooling.
Moto Speed D-Series Air Compressor Oil is a premium quality, synthetic di-ester air compressor lubricants. It is especially designed for use in heavy duty reciprocating air compressors operating at continuously high temperatures of up to 200°C for stationary equipment.
Moto Speed Premium Air Compressor Oil is a premium performance, ash less air compressor oil, based on narrow cut high quality mineral oils. It is used in almost all compressors, reciprocating, rotary screw and rotary vane type machines with discharge temperatures of up to 150°C in stationary and mobile installations.


Moto Speed AIR COMPRESSOR OIL is designed primarily for rotary screw and vane air compressor, particularly effective for continuous high temperature operation with discharge temperatures of up to 200ºC. It is suitable for units with a history of excess oil degradation, poor valve performance or deposit formation. It is compatible with all metals used in compressor construction and with mineral-oil compatible elastomers used in seals, O-rings and gaskets, compressor systems with critical gears and bearings, units operating under severe conditions and reciprocating air compressor crankcases and cylinders.
Moto Speed AIR COMPRESSOR OILS are not recommended for air compressors used in breathing air applications.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Reduced deposit formation in discharge lines;
  • Extended valve cleaning interval;
  • Improved safety;
  • Reduced risk of fire and explosions;
  • Extended oil-drain intervals;
  • Low carbon-forming tendency, especially on valves.