Moto Speed Chain Oil - High Temperature, Synthetic

Moto Speed Chain Oil - High Temperature, Synthetic

Moto Speed CHAIN OIL is a synthetic, high temperature chain oil designed specifically for lubrication of hot chains for conveyor systems, food processing, plastic film stretching, fiber board
manufacturing and ceramics ensuring reliable operation even at high temperature and stress.


Moto Speed CHAIN OIL is designed specifically for lubrication of hot conveyor chains in drying ovens, roller chains, chains or clips with ball bearings, slide chains with lubrication of slide rails, chain joints and bolts, dryers, steamers and similar severe applications.

Product Features And Benefits

  • Extends bearing, chain and conveyor life;
  • Thermal stability;
  • Outstanding penetration properties for rapid formation of lubricant film;
  • Excellent lubrication even at high operating temperatures;
  • Resistance to wear and pressure;
  • Low volatility below 250°C;
  • Good regeneration effect on used oil;
  • Excellent viscosity temperature for safe cold starts;
  • Good adhesion, no throwing off;
  • Minimum residue owing to fully synthetic constituents;
  • Less carbon residue;
  • Reduced lubricant consumption and potential.


Moto Speed CHAIN OIL is formulated using a carefully balanced blend of high-molecular-weight, synthetic hydrocarbons and a synthetic ester base fluid mixed with very effective additive combination comprising of anti-wear, extreme pressure additives, corrosion passivators, friction modifiers, detergents, antifoams & oxidation inhibitors. It does not contain silicone. Moto Speed CHAIN OIL offers reduced carbon build-up and extends cleaning intervals compared to mineral oil and conventional chain lubricants.